2012 Design Challenge

In 2012, ParticiPlace’s challengers will design an off-grid living-culture center for the Pinoleville Pomo Nation (PPN), a Native American nation in Northern California. The emphasis will be on a zero-energy building which is sensitive to the local culture and place.
The community is in the final process of re-purchasing ancestors lands where they hope to build the Living Culture Center to become a place to practice, preserve, and revive their culture for generations to come.


March 20: Competition opens

April 21: Site visit and workshop at the PPN (will be documented online for those who cannot attend. If you are able to attend - make sure you email: participlace [at] berkeley [dot] edu so that you get the visit details!)

July 1: Submissions due
Friday, December 7th: ParticiPlace Award Ceremony
Click here for the invitation with more details